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Your one-time mastering fee includes making a digital copy of your tape,
performing noise reduction, audio enhancement, track separation,
track naming, compression and/or normalization.  (as needed)
This Premium Service is a multi-step process and no shortcuts are taken. 
Expect premium results!
Your special instructions are welcome, this is not an automated process! 
In a hurry?  All single orders processed in one day!
We repair cassettes! Only $20.

Custom audio CDs made from
Audio Cassettes, Micro-Cassettes, DAT, 8-Track Tapes and Reel-to-Reel tapes!
(Click here for reel to reel tapes.)
here for LPs, 45s & 78s)
here for film or video tape to DVD)
We will take your old tape and make a clean sounding CD  without TAPE NOISE!  
Or make a hot CD master from your demo tape! 
 Discounts are available!
Miminum $10 per tape, $25 per unique CD!
Duplicate copies start at $5 each.

As advertised in the San Diego Musician's Union
Local Quarterly publication, "The Soundpost"

Cassette to CD pricing

  30 Min. 60 Min. 90 Min. 120 Min.

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We ship worldwide!  Email for assistance.
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Our service completely restores your recordings! 
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No Minimums!!! Fast Turnaround!!!
One Day Turnaround on most orders!

Do you have an old tape of a band you were in years ago and would like it mastered to CD before it disintegrates?
Do you have a high quality demo tape on cassette to master to CD?
Do you have a tape of a priceless conversation with your grandmother or your children that you'd like preserved on CD?

We will create a CD from your cassette!  Noise reduction removes the tape hiss or even hum that may be on your source tape depending on the age.  Harmonic enhancement brings back lost frequencies.  Compression evens out volume level fluctuations.  The result, a CD that sounds better than the source tape!  If you have photos or artwork to scan, attractive custom jackets and labels can be made as well. An excellent gift idea! Preserve that special tape that's getting old. Turn your demo tape into a demo CD. It's affordable and fun!  Let us bring your special recordings into the digital age and preserve your memories for generations to come!

  • CD Mastering starts at $25 or $10 minimum per tape (Includes first CD!) (What is CD Mastering?)
  • Spoken word recordings for only $25!
  • Up to 80 minutes of audio per CD - 90 to 100 minute tapes only $10 extra
  • Multiple tapes to one CD OK!
  • No minimums! -Duplicates up to 50 copies starting @ $5 each
  • Free, your choice of standard jewel box or slim cases and resealable sleeve
  • Free custom printed text on archival quality CD
  • Return shipping and handling fees are $6.95 to $12.95 for Priority Mail w/USPS tracking
  • Discounts are available for large orders  see below for details
  • Separate tracks & Noise Reduction are included!
  • Optional Custom Artwork a specialty!
  • MP3 CDs or any other compressed audio format available!
  • Most orders processed same day, shipped next day!
  • We store your masters indefinitely, for your safety and convenience!
  • Tape broken?  We repair tapes too, only $20.
  • Mystery tapes?  We can evaluate your tapes for $10 each.

Discounts are available!

  • Free shipping on orders of 10 unique music CDs or more!

Please call 858-346-1520 or email for assistance with your discount.

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Special!  Custom artwork available!
Custom glossy double sided jacket, color tray liner and printed color CD made from your photos or artwork.
Click on the thumbnail below for examples of custom art for your CD!

Examples of custom artwork for your CD!

Setup for "Cover Only" artwork only $10.00!!  all duplicates add $2.00 ea.
*This prices include custom glossy double-sided jacket.

Summary of Charges:
***CD prices include jewel case and text label

Tape to CD conversion up to 80 minutes of audio
(Digital Recording, cleanup, optimization & editing)
90 minute tapes to two 45 minute CDs
Cassette Repair
Spoken word tapes
Cassette Evaluation
$25 for spoken word or $35 for music
$25 for 30 minutes or less
$45 or $35 for spoken word
$25 each
$10 per tape (non-refundable deposit)
CD copies  (no artwork)
CD copies with complete custom artwork
CD copies with custom color cover or printed CD only
Printed Label (your words in b&w)
Jewel Case; Slim or Standard
Complete Custom Artwork Setup (Optional)
Custom Cover Setup (Optional CD cover only)
Shipping and handling charges

Discount on 10 unique music CDs or more
$5 ea. (for more than one copy)
$8.50 ea.
$7.00 ea.
$6.95 to $12.95 Priority Mail most orders

Free Shipping Priority Mail

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858-346-1520 9am-5pm PST/PDT Mon-Fri
Saturdays until 2pm
Or Email CustomAudioCDs if you have a question. 
We ship worldwide!  Email for assistance.

#*If your tape has pre-recorded music, duplicates will only be available if you own the copyright on the recording.

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