Number 9 backwards

 Turn me on dead man...

Remember when the "White Album" came out and we were worried that Paul might be dead?
Remember ruining our needles playing songs backwards searching for hidden messages?
Remember wondering what the entire song of "Revolution #9" would sound like backwards?

I was about 13 back then and my curiosity was overwhelming.  Using a reel-to-reel tape recorder, I played a tape recording of "Revolution #9" backwards by turning the reels over and flipping the tape.  I lost a lot of fidelity but I patiently listened to the whole song.  I was sure I could discern a car crash, sirens, flames, Paul yelling "get me out!" and of course the famous "Turn me on dead man..."

Not every family had reel-to-reel tape recorders and it was impossible to play an 8 minute song backwards on a turntable so I don't think many people ever got to hear the whole thing.  Thanks to digital audio editing software it is now possible to hear the entire song backwards without screwing up your needle.    

When you listen to this song backwards, you will notice many sounds that are actually going forwards.  This has always given me the message that the song was meant to be listened to in both directions.  You be the judge!

I have left the original intro forwards, then you hear the entire song from end to beginning.  Use the links below to either download the mp3, listen to the mp3 or listen to Revolution #9 Backwards in RealAudio.  Let me know what you think.  Eric Van der Wyk

Turn me on to download the Mp3
Turn me on to listen in streaming Mp3

Turn me on to listen in RealAudio

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