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King Tet® Productions, Ltd. was established in 1997 in San Diego, CA by
Eric Van der Wyk

Eric is a Musician, Composer, Audio Engineer, Graphic and Web Designer and Computer Guru. He is dedicated to the art of Digital Audio Remastering of tapes and records to Compact Disc with maximum improved quality. 

In addition to Digital Audio Conversions, other services include Video Encoding, Audio Encoding, VHS to DVD conversion, Field Recordings, Field Photography, CD art layout, Web Design, Retail CD sales, Music Composition and multi-track recording.

King Tet® Productions, Ltd. has worked in a professional capacity for the following:

Terry Riley

Roy Clark

Mundell Lowe

The Stoneground Band

Howard Kerr of "The Congress of Wonders"

Warner Bros. Studios


Will Smith

Jada Pinkett-Smith

San Diego Zoo

San Diego Reader Interview

Channel 10 News Interview

IMDB Resume

Troma Entertainment

John Handy

Corky Siegel

John Bilezikjian

Barbara Higbie

Frank Wakefield

Katrina Krimsky

Azica Records

Mark Mangold

Mike Wofford

Holly Hofmann

Bertram Turetzky

Neil Seidel

Sarah Cahill

Shep Meyers

Buck Trent

Tim Barnes

Virginia Carllile

Jann Robbins

Michael McClure

Aashish Khan

Zakir Hussain

Dr. L. Subramaniam

Arthur Preuss, Sr.

Lloyd Pye

Jewish Educational Media

University of Georgia Anthropology Dept.

James Kirkland

The Matthew Kelly Foundation

Paul Karasik

Pat Kiernan

Moon Events Studios

Cheryl Wills

Agostino Castagnola

Franklin Merrell-Wolff Fellowship

Benedictine Sisters of Corpus Christi

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