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As the Harmonies Converge "Give Thanks"  A new song recorded for the 48-Hour Songfest for Peace, December 20th thru 22nd 2003.  This song features vocals by Christian Provensen of  Words and music by Eric Van der Wyk, Eric also plays Electric Sitar and "Sustainer" Guitar on this track.
This song is now available on a new CD; "The Man In The Can"

As the Harmonies Converge "Rhythm in the Waves"  A new song written in honor of the Marine Meditation of September 22nd 2001, this song is a sort of "Saturday Night Cetacean" dance tune featuring wailing whales and disco dancing dolphins.  

As the Harmonies Converge "The Sounds of Our Planet Series"  A new series of CDs by King Tet Productions dedicated to preserving and sharing natural sounds that one mind find relaxing, intriguing, uplifting and fascinating. The listener is invited to enjoy these recordings for background ambience, for study, for centering of spirit or simply for amusement.

As the Harmonies Converge "Tom Hobson & Ragged but Right  A new CD resurrected from  King Tet's archives.  Live recording of Tom Hobson and Ragged but Right performing at "The Sound Track" in San Francisco 1979.  Electric banjo by Eric Van der Wyk.

King Tet's Mod Tracks Vol. 1 "Digital Dances and Dreams"

 The Grandsons of the Pioneers King Tet's San Francisco band from 1980!

number 9...number 9...number 9...Turn me on dead man...
Listen to The Beatles' "Revolution #9 backwards in it's entirety!

Be careful of the Blob!The Blob 1958 Enjoy the theme song from "The Blob" in mp3 and RealAudio!


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King Tet and Neon-Riot a Tenori-On Experience!

"What do you turn on when you Tenori-On?" Tenori-On performances by King Tet

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ChoomBoonk by Jack Van der Wyk Percussion method stressing four limb independence

Jessica Dragonette sings on the Palmolive Beauty Box Theater

The "N" Word episode of "All of Us" showcasing King Tet's "Tracking the Lion" from "The Man in the Can" CD

Macabre Pair of Shorts - Soundtrack music by King Tet

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Ocean Meditation - Midnight at Sunset Cliffs

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San Luis Rey River Meditation

The Spanish Sampler for Rapid Assimilation of Spanish Grammar and Linguistic Theory

give Thanks there is peace in the music

Jack Traylor and Steelwind Child of Nature CD

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Rhythm in the Waves

Tom Hobson and Ragged but Right

The Beatles Revolution Number 9

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