48-Hour Songfest for Peace
December 20th thru 22nd, 2003

Let There Be Peace On Earth
And Let It Begin With Me

Barbara Wolf asks you to join the SONGFEST.
Join the WORLD in this PEACE EFFORT, December 20-22, 
by singing/listening to
Let There Be Peace On Earth and Let It Begin With Me.
Here are three beautiful renditions of the song:










*If you are unable to play the song on your computer, please click here for a free copy of RealOne Player.

Click here to visit Barbara Wolf's Songfest page

Click here for Eric Van der Wyk's new song,
"Give Thanks, (There is Peace in the Music)"

*Special thanks go out to Vince Gill, The New York Voices & Catholic Classics for their wonderful renditions of this song. 
Globalmeditations.com encourages you to purchase their CD if you like the music. thanks, Barbara Wolf & Eric Van der Wyk

Give Thanks there is Peace in the Music

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Let There Be Peace On Earth

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