The Sounds of Our Planet Series Volume 5

"Ocean Meditation - Midnight at Sunset Cliffs"

Ocean Meditations - Midnight at Sunset Cliffs

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"Vol. 5 of the Sounds of Our Planet Series explores the refreshing sounds of the Pacific Ocean! This special recording was made on September 18th/19th 2006 around midnight. There is a special location on San Diego's ocean front called "Sunset Cliffs" which makes for an excellent spot for recording the ocean waves.  The terrain is such that the waves come crashing in from many directions allowing for constantly changing sounds.  The dynamics of this 78 minute recording range from soft and light to ferocious!  I don't think there is a sound more relaxing, refreshing and rejuvenating than the sounds of the ocean.  Sit back, relax, meditate or just let it happen!  

The purity of this 3 dimensional recording will put you into the heart and soul of the ocean cliffs!"
Eric Van der Wyk 

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"Ocean Meditation - Midnight at Sunset Cliffs"
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