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Remembering Tom Hobson
48-Hour Songfest for Peace
Firestorm 2003, Cedar Fire in San Diego
Pictures taken while evacuating

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"What do you turn on when you Tenori-On?" Tenori-On performances by King Tet                 King Tet and Neon-Riot play Original Tenori-On Music

King Tet's Headquarters for Tenori-On sample kits, videos etc.   The King Tet Web Store - shirts, mugs, buttons and more!

Custom DVDs from any kind of film or video tape
New Custom DVDs from film or tape


Sounds of our Planet Pure Nature Recordings
The Sounds Of Our Planet Series

The "N" Word episode of "All of Us" showcasing King Tet's "Tracking the Lion" from "The Man in the Can" CD
King Tet Showcased on "The N Word"

King Tet and Neon-Riot   a Tenori-On Experience!

New Music from King Tet "The Man in the Can"
"The Man In The Can" by King Tet®

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Ocean Meditation - Midnight at Sunset Cliffs
Midnight at Sunset Cliffs


Macabre Pair of Shorts - Soundtrack music by King Tet
Macabre Pair of Shorts - Soundtrack Music

Give Thanks there is Peace in the Music
New Music by King Tet "Give Thanks"
King Tet's Catalog of Original music and recordings and authorized reissued CDs


Rhythm in the Waves
Rhythm in the Waves

King Tet on iTunes


Revitalize Your Water
Revitalize Your Water!

Jessica Dragonette sings on the Palmolive Beauty Box Theater
Jessica Dragonette OTR Star of Stars CD


Jack Traylor and Steelwind Child of Nature CD
Jack Traylor & Steelwind - Child of Nature

Click here for Stoneground CDs
Special Limited Edition Stoneground CDs


Frank Wakefield Blues Stay Away From Me
Frank Wakefield "Blues Stay Away From Me"

Thumbs Carllile CDs
Thumbs Carllile Limited Edition CDs


Tom Hobson
Remembering Tom Hobson

King Tet's Blog - all things Tet
King Tet's Blog - all things Tet


King Tet MP3s at
King Tet MP3s on

ChoomBoonk by Jack Van der Wyk Percussion method stressing four limb independence                         QLink EMF Protection Productions

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King Tet plays Gold Tone Dojo DLXKing Tet plays Gold Tone EBMKing Tet plays Wood Song guitars

The Rules for Being Human

Drive Your Karma, Curb Your Dogma

Visit the World Garden

Revolution Number 9 backwards

Revolution Number 9 Backwards


Theme song from The Blob
Theme from The Blob

Eric Van der Wyk's bio on IMDB

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Full Moon in San Diego May 18th 2000

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