What the critics say about Mundell Lowe

Mr. Lowe is one of the best mainstream jazz guitarists, a musician completely at ease with be-bop’s snakelike rhythms…Mr. Lowe’s solos overflowed with harmony, and in the middle of his improvisations, he’d stick in several choruses of chords, pushing and pulling the harmony until the songs vanished.  He slid chords smoothly up and down the neck letting them melt into one another. 
-Peter Watrous, New York Times


Lowe is a cool player—his sound is round and velvety and he lazes behind the beat, improvising a note at a time…Pizzarelli providing accompaniment, with that distinctive seventh bass string, to Lowe’s Lester Young-like excursions….  The operative words here: swing, class and taste, zippily delivered by a pair of master craftsmen. 
-Lee Jeske New York Post


Mr. Lowe stays closer to the melody than most of today’s jazz guitarists…the suaveness and polish of his ballads are still present on the surface of a swinging attack that seems to flow on its own momentum. 
-John Wilson, New York Times


Mundell Lowe retains his cool.  His lines are fluid and graceful, and he produces a mellow sound from the electric guitar. 
-Dave Gelly, London Observer


Mundell Lowe is a superb jazz player.  This guitarist’s honey-smooth quintet closed the evening with a group of state-of-the-art mainstream improvisations done with an almost casual ease. 
-Leonard Feather, Los Angeles Times


One could say there is nothing spectacular about his performance, unless of course one considers eloquent, understated jazz to be spectacular. 
-A. James Liska, Los Angeles Daily News

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